Money vs Storytelling in 21st Century Animation

You’ve seen the trend, right? Popular franchise, multiple sequels, slowly degrading in quality and millions made in merchandise and then there is other companies like Pixar that will just make a film for the pure storytelling aspect.

Ice Age

When I watched the first film, I thought “How boring can a film get?” and I still feel that way after watching it a couple more times. But more to the point, after 5 films in the series Blue Sky and Fox have made tons out of these films¬† and the ‘accompanying’ merchandise. This is a video which explains this in further detail:

Another key part of ‘How to Create a Film Franchise for Dummies’ is that in every extra film you need to keep on adding extra characters so you can make merchandise and extra money from it. This is not the formula for the perfect film franchise!


Released in 2009, this Pixar film tells a beautiful and funny story involving an elderly man and a young boy and their adventures. The animation is decent but where it excels is in the writing and the music that really adds to the story.